Review: Grond The Raven High by Yuri Hamaganov

Publisher: Yuri Hamaganov

Publishing Date: February 2017

ISBN: 9783452740812

Genre: SciFi / YA

Rating: 3.7/5

Publishers Description: In the year 2086, Earth is exhausted. The seas have been emptied, the bedrock and soil stripped of their resources, and the superheated atmosphere churns with terrible storms. Those who can afford to do so live in the limbo of virtual reality, and the billions who suffer in poverty have no work, no clean water, and no security from the chaos.

Review: Olga is super smart, super hot, super athletic and soon to be super rich. She is so fine that she nearly blew my mind (hey Mickey) and all this at the age of 10. An advanced human trained from an early age to run a manufacturing plant in Earth orbit, Olga is everything that you want to be but couldn’t because you suck comparatively. At the ripe old age of 10, Olga has the body of a young 20-something as they grow em fast in space.

So why do I like this novel so much? Refreshing SciFi, like a spring breeze blowing across your body while drinking in the scents of life. Yeah, like that. And dammit, I liked Olga. She was made speshul but those were just circumstances out of her control and behaves accordingly.  She has no feeling for her birth family but loves the cyborg that raised her in space.

I had a good time reading this and wouldn’t hesitate to catch the next in series. Because you just can’t end a novel like that.

2 thoughts on “Review: Grond The Raven High by Yuri Hamaganov

  1. Lol @ Hey Mickey… damn, this is an earworm I do not want, but now still have…year 2000 this song came out…
    Glad you enjoyed the book! 🙂

  2. Hi, Koeur!

    I’m Yuri, the author of GROND: THE RAVEN HIGH. Thank you for your review, glad you liked my novel. I will do my best to make you like the second one – GROND: THE BLITZKRIEG, it will be published this September. This time Olga goes to war

    Would you kindly post your review on my Amazon page?

    Thanks in advance!


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