Review: Shadowspawn by Andrew J. Offutt

Publisher: Venture

Publishing Date: 1987

ISBN: 9780441760398

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 3.3/5

Publishers Description: Mignureal is the daughter of the first person to show Hanse kindness in his harsh upbringing. He was once a lonely and ostracized orphan who was denied food by all those around him save her mother.

Review: This was an oldy but a goody. A sort of whimsical tale about two people traveling from their homeland, across a desert and all the perilous conditions they fall into. There is really no discussion in the review section of Goodreads, mostly that this is a spinoff of Thieves World. 

Mignureal really sucked as a character. Just not believable with all her “Darling this” and “Darling that” and “Oh my, I must run into my man’s hunky arms and cry blubbery tears over his near death battle with ruffians…boo hoo, look at my boobs”. Fug. She wears ten layered skirts IN THE DESERT cause she is a gypsy seer, but that’s ok because she is the most beautiful VIRGIN woman on the planet. And why don’t they travel at night?

Hanse stole the show, as he should. He mentally converses about the idiocy of his traveling companion but is wise enough to keep those thoughts to himself lest he miss out on the booty, Mignue. He is mysterious and honorable while holding to a certain thieving standard.

The world building is pretty good and the story line, entertaining . Just don’t take it too seriously.

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