Review: Nightmare Planet by D. Rowland

Publisher: Endeavor Press

Publishing Date: 1976

ISBN: 9780709154495

Genre: SciFi

Rating: 2.6/5

Publishers Description: A seemingly endless mission…That is, until, an uncharted planetary system appears between them and the Brontus Major Constellation. Why does it not show up on their scanners? And what are the strange missile silos doing around the planetary system? Kyle decides their only course of action is to send out a search party to try to find out what forms of life are there. However, when they lose contact with the search party they realise something must be wrong.

Review: An antiquated style of Science Fiction that is more Pulp Noir than hard science. Hard nosed Captain Kyle is driven on many levels one of which is his huge ego and his ever present “hunches” that seem to save the day for everyone. Except the guards that are killed like the red shirts on Star Trek. The aliens were not very well thought out, especially this invisible hovering presence that is menacing and intelligent. There is a hottie professor that should have been thrown in the brig for her constant inability to follow orders plus the other Space Family Robinson retinue that we have come to expect.

Still it held my attention as the world building is good enough to transport to another place and time. The worst part about this novel is that everyone speaks in exclamation points!!

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