Review: The Wayward Astronomer by Geoffrey Thomas


Publisher: Corvus

Publishing Date: May 2017

ISBN: 9780997823509

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 1.5/5

Publishers Description: Hal Adhil and Miri Rodgers are best friends. They spend their days working at a small observatory in the Starfall Mountains beyond the metropolis of Anduruna. Miri is the only person Hal trusts to understand a dangerous secret: Hal can see all wavelengths of light. Hal uses his superpower only when they are free from prying eyes that could report them to the authorities. The lives of Hal and Miri quickly change one night, however, when a meteor crashes into the nearby mountains.

Review: Oh my fuk, this was stupid. Each chapter has some fairly good illustrations that lend form to bare visualizations.

So, Hal is a velociraptor and Miri is a hot fox girl with a long swishy tail. Other beings are cats and raccoons or big birds, although I think that has been done. Somehow they are able to procreate across specie lines in fantasmo world. Hal has a boner (cloaca?) for Miri and both are just too good to be true while his twin brother and his consort are evil to the core as evidenced by the constant adjectives. “Smirks, sinister eyes and self-satisfied smiles”, riddle every paragraph to drive home the fact that, yes!, he or she is patently evil. 

This universe makes no sense and being a “Dreamwalker” means absolutely nothing as it is never adequately explained. The ending hints at a sequel with Troopers this-ing and that-ing but leaves you wondering if it is just a bad ending to an interminable read. Another novel that is better suited to the YA genre of fiction.


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