Review: The Nights Too Dark by MH Snowy

Publisher: Pygaso

Publishing Date: June 2017

ISBN: 9781492700850

Genre: SciFi

Rating: 3.5/5

Publishers Description: Jeremy Sunson is surrounded by crazy. Mrs. Abercrombie, upstairs, is widowed because her husband glued feathers to his arms, jumped off the building and tried to fly. His neighbor, Strykland, has gone mad since his wife died in a freak car accident—his only thread to reality the doomsday machine he’s building and his daughter … and, of course, spacemen invade Jeremy’s living room.
Every night, in glorious Techni-color, there’s a battle royal between two high-tech assassins who continually blast Jeremy’s apartment to shreds. Each man has one mission: Red wants to kill Jeremy, Bronze wants to save him!

Review: Jeremy is a bit of a wanker that somehow is chosen to stave off the apocalypse over 12 nights against beings that somehow need Armageddon in order to mine an alternate realities resources. Never mind how an alternate universe used up their own resources and have been plundering many other Earths for quite awhile. There is much information that Jeremy and the reader are not yet privy to and there lies a bit of frustration as you just know the sequels are coming. Usually there is a kind of love interest in these patterned novellas, where the dork gets the hot gurl and smites the chosen group of bullies. Not here. Just time resetting itself and assassins constantly trying to kill him while saving the universe from a different catastrophe every night. Really refreshing, that.

Anyhoo,  I really liked the characters and the way they evolved in such a short length of time (not adding in time bubbles and alternate universal time).  Jeremy grows into his situation but still tends to internally ruminate to excess. Was it a novella? Yeah, no…not really, but close. Close enough that the max I can rate this at is 3 stars due to my rules on character and storyline compression. I will read the series as I am curious to see if Jeremy continues to develop into something more than a scared accountant.

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