Review: Pew! Pew! Volume 1

Publisher: Wooden Pen

Publishing Date: June 2017

ISBN: 9781546902126

Genre: SciFi

Rating: 3.8/5

Publishers Description: 9 Comedic space opera tales of big spaceships, poor life decisions, and lots of Pew! Follow the adventures of swashbuckling heroes and heroines who forgot their swash and didn’t do up their buckles as they gallivant across the stars, saving the downtrodden and trodding on some of the down.

Review: I really liked this compendium of stories. Really well done, except for a coupla’ turds.  I will briefly cover each.

  1. Delta Team: A simple Kidnapping by M.D. Cooper. Rating: 4.0. A fun ride with lots of interesting characters and situations that mimic the A-Team, only in space. This would be great a great Space Operatic series..
  2. The Methane Lake of Excruciating Tedium by Felix R. Savage. Rating: 3.2. An interesting take on life within our solar system with juvenile idiots running the scientific base. Aliens not real believable as there is no sound scientific reasoning that supports the notions presented. Additionally Anas platyrynchos is a mallard not the common duck, and is also a dabbling duck not a diving duck. 
  3. The Last Bounty by Barry J. Hutchison. Rating 3.8. Really too short to be significant but prevails with interesting characters and great movement.  I am curious to read about Konto’s exploits before retirement.
  4. Spaceberg by M. Pax. Rating 2.4. The idea that a giant ice planet travelling through space with dormant tribble like creatures residing on it is a big stretch.  Hey, who knows what really goes on out there? This novel fell down the character hole with Nikili. Super speshul pilot hero gal with familial flaws and a lesbo lover. She just didn’t win me over with her constant myopic antics and sudden altruistic shifts. Her daughter is a genius (of course) and her estranged husband has a backstabbing GF that Nikili forgives so they can all become a famwy. Fug.
  5. Attack of the Bees by Chris J.Pike. Rating: 4.2. Wow, this was good. Funny, great characters, constant movement and the guy gets the girl. A real spoof on the genre. Makes you wonder if the author’s name is a nom de plume.
  6. Brewing Trouble by Amy DuBoff. Rating: 3.1.  Riddled with plot holes, this still delivered an entertaining read. Jack was entertaining throughout and should have his world expanded.
  7. Dodging Fate by Zen DiPietro. Rating: 4.0.  Charlie Kenny (lol) is a redshirt. His whole family has died hideously. He meets a cute gal that is the opposite. She has the best of luck but is bored with life. A great kinda love story set in an expansive galaxy.
  8. Gli+ch by Drew Avera. Rating 3.3. Ben is not my cup of joe. He is mostly negative throughout the story and coupled with a weak storyline, made for some quick reading. The pirates were entertaining but brief in appearance.
  9. Bat Johnson the Mad Mortician of Mars by Rachel Aukes. Rating 4.4. This was really good writing. The character depth was built in a very short time frame. Coupled with an inventive storyline and good movement made for an entertaining read.  An author to watch out for.

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