Review: Soul Jar: A Jubal Van Zandt Novel by Eden Hudson

Publisher: Shadow Alley

Publishing Date: July 2017


Genre: Scifi/Fantasy

Rating: 3.9/5

Publishers Description: The best thief in the history of the Revived Earth is on a literal deadline—find a cure for the plague or die—but when the universe drops the ultimate extortion fodder into his lap, what’s Jubal supposed to do, say no? 

Review: Jubal is back and is in fine form once again. Where Bloodslinger was pure genius and Beautiful Corpse  rendered a miserable flop, Soul Jar picks up the pieces and races to the finish line in fine form.  Half of this novel is Jubal on a quest of sorts, to retrieve Nick’s fractured soul and the other half is Carina, mired in a virtual reality game.

I loved the pace and ever evolving characters of this installment and although Carina is gaming in a make believe world, the story is fantastic.  “So why you no give 5 stars!!!”. Too dam short. These novels need to be full length space operas to really expand the world and develop immersive story lines. Also,  Nick keeps getting in deeper shjt, so you can only surmise that Jubal will eventually get to banging Carina. That is just a guess on my part. Hopefully I am pleasantly surprised.  Anyhoo a great recovery with more epic moments in store. GET THIS!!

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