Review: Killing Is My Business by Adam Christopher

Publisher: Tor

Publishing Date: July 2017

ISBN: 9780765379207

Genre: SciFi

Rating: 3.3/5

Publishers Description: Another golden morning in a seedy town, and a new memory tape and assignment for intrepid PI-turned-hit man—and last robot left in working order—Raymond Electromatic. But his skills may be rustier than he remembered in Killing Is My Business, the latest in Christopher’s robot noir’ , hot on the heels of the acclaimed Made to Kill.

Review: This was a real fun read what with the blending of detective/mystery noir and Science Fiction. The movement and characterization synergy created an entertaining story line.  Ray’s “killer” programming continues to be not the only mystery in town as he obviously has feelings about a lot of “things”. This just might be a dichotomous plot hole where programming overrides emotive feelings yet are able to coexist? The mystery is not too complicated and is easy to figure. What was confusing was the ending and the lack of resolution. Just a harbinger of more novels in the series.

The idea that a robot has it’s surface memory wiped daily leaves the story line in a fugue state.  I was always waiting for a larger reveal, where Ray does not upload and wipe, but extends his time and finds that his design has an almost limitless store of memory. It is hard to get on board with the main character when every day is a new one, literally. It is also an easy out for the writer, as events that seem mysterious by forgetful association are later easily solved. I liked the novel but do not think I would read any subsequent novels as Ray will never grow as a character unless he is able to store sufficient life memories.

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