Review: Alien Innkeeper by Roxanne Barbour


Publisher: Wild Rose

Publishing Date: may 2017

ISBN: 9781509213795

Genre: SciFi

Rating: 1.6/5

Publishers Description: Sylvestine Amera is the manager of the Mars Best-Tycho Basin Hotel. When her first alien visitors arrive on planet, Syl is faced with solving numerous challenges. Not the least of having Dedare Sath  rubbing her cheeks in a gesture she is curious to understand.  Irion customs are different than what she is used to, but when Dedare who owns a hotel on Irion asks her to leave Mars and manage his flagship hotel, she is more than ready to leave her home planet behind.

Review: This whole reading experience was just too too patterned and slick. Everything was predictably perfect, down to the characterization and story line. Almost like it was written in hopes of getting a movie deal. There is nothing close to being believable about the characters, including the the aliens.

In this novel everyone in Syl’s circle is the best of friends and everything works out wonderfully. If you’re outside this gilded circle, you are an unforgivable miscreant bent on ruining Speshul Syl’s new life on an alien planet. Really? This whole novel was really patterned after a controlling narcissist. How someone on an alien planet has three alien men that want to marry/bang her after a week, is beyond reasoning.

This novel’s main shortcoming was the lack of world building and alien development. Aliens that are really humans, only bald with blue blood and strange mannerisms does not an alien make. The one alien that was murderous had scales but was not built in any memorable way. The idea that a space fairing alien lacks the reasoning skills to disassociate criminals of his own species from a lone alien on another planet, is pretty weak.

Towards the end of this novel I really despised Syl and her band of all knowing,Uber Rich douche bags.

4 thoughts on “Review: Alien Innkeeper by Roxanne Barbour

  1. Yikes… sounds like a case of ‘try too hard’… but, I am fascinated by aliens, as you probably know. Being at home, my parents reminded me of my childhood fear of them. From a very early age I always babbled on about UFOs and often told them how they visited me … freaky! 😀

  2. The really freaky thing was not the ufo but the pictures that were grayed out on my computer.

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