Review: The Silent Shield- The Kingfountain Series, Book 5 by Jeff Wheeler

Publisher: 47 North

Publishing Date: August 2017


Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 2.8/5

Publishers Description: Courtly intrigue and rumors of invasion plunge Kingfountain into turmoil as the search for Trynne’s father begins in earnest. But Trynne’s quest to learn the truth of Owen’s sinister disappearance is sidetracked when tragedy strikes her family once again. Suddenly, the future of the kingdom rests in her hands as she struggles to learn—and control—the power that can keep the threatening Deep Fathoms at bay.

Review: Well here is my second re-write of this novel and while not being my favorite thing to do, I thought it required more discernment.

So despite the speshul 16 year old main character and her stoopid magic that saves her in every desperate situation and the 7 suitors that want to bang her, the story line does captivate. The ability to travel across realms through ley lines does add some much needed movement.

Most of the scenes were rendered in larping dialect and the princesses “tremble”, “shudder”, “shiver” while training to be the most fearsome only women warriors (trained by a man) in the known world. It is just endless the amount of high brow buffoonery that occurs. From a plethora of Kings and Princesses to mighty wizards and convenient magic for all.  

I really hate to admit that I liked the story line. Unstable Kingdoms, war, betrayal, quests (check) and I started to pull for dumb ass to make it, despite her super speshulness. While I thought this would be like opening a box of farts on Christmas day, I did reluctantly finish. 



One thought on “Review: The Silent Shield- The Kingfountain Series, Book 5 by Jeff Wheeler

  1. Entertaining review! You are a master of the art!

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