Review: The One-Eyed King by Kenny S Rich

Publisher: Booksgoscoial

Publishing Date: November 2015

ISBN: 9781517627645

Genre: Dystopian

Rating: DNF

Publishers Description: in a futuristic world still reeling from the ashes of protracted nuclear warfare, resources are scarce and survival of the fittest is once more the way of the world – that is until one ruling order decides to take charge. Now equality is history and oppression is the new norm.

Review: I just could not get into this novel. Adjectives to describe the writing style and story line would be: overtly effusive, self-congratulatory and perhaps smug.  The dialogue rambles on and on in a way that you should be wholly on board with the shared perspective. If the introduction was any hint as to the content, I would have stopped there. Kind of a “shame on you” that you know nothing about blind people. 

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