Review: Spectre of War by Kin S. Law

Publisher: City Owl Press

Publishing Date: October 2017

ISBN: 9781944728533

Genre: Fantasy/Steampunk

Rating: 4.4/5

Publishers Description: A third Victoria has ascended the throne of a steam-driven country where enormous clockwork giants walk the streets and airships carry news of the Ottoman threat in the East.
In the wake of a calamity that engulfed all of Europe, Inspector Vanessa Hargreaves of Scotland Yard is given the dubious task of policing steamcraft crime. Along with flamboyant detective Arturo C. Adler, she stumbles upon a conspiracy to use a horrific plague in an effort to prevent war.

Review: The second novel in the Lands Beyond series, delivers a thirst for more. Hargreaves wends her way from the Royal Palace to the sewers of New York City in search of a solution to the plague corpse. Arturo is along for the ride in all his Liberace like regalia along with Cezette, Hallow, Cid and the crew of the Huckleberry.

Once again the author paints a grand picture with incredible movement and characters built with elegant simplicity. You care for every single one of them and that says a lot about the writing talent. The story line has many interludes with separate tales that are a part of the bigger world building picture. No 5 stars here though, as the novel ends abruptly and the author likes cats.

Just a bit on cats and why they suck. They decimate all forms of endemic wildlife, in particular neo-tropical migrant bird species. They spread disease, most notable the feline leukemia virus affecting  the endangered Florida Panther. They carry toxoplasmosis (killing sea otters), ringworm, tularemia, hookworm and CSD to name a few.

One thought on “Review: Spectre of War by Kin S. Law

  1. yeah, cats!
    Glad you liked the book, though! 🙂 Must be a good one to please you 🙂

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