Book Review: Sienna McKnight (New Praetorians #1) R.K. Syrus

Publisher: Yuan Kun

Publishing Date: September 2017


Genre: SciFi

Rating: 3.5/5

Publishers Description: • A year ago Sienna McKnight, fresh out of West Point Military Academy, led her Special Ops team through a frozen hell at the bottom of the world to bring back something they wanted. In the near future, soldier Sienna McKnight seeks revenge on her terrorist cousin. They both gain extraordinary powers during the series and engage in an epic battle over the fate of humanity and a unique orphan girl.

Review: Well, I dunno about this one. Initially I almost round filed this work due to the near super human abilities of a pre-teen 80 lb gurl and the authors anthropomorphic bent on wildlife. See, Sienna has been training in special ops by her Uncle and a crazy dude in the woods and only recently took down one of her trainers by almost knocking him out. Riiiight. Ok. And then we have a snarling vicious Red Wolf with malicious intent that will continue to seek and kill little humans. Wolves just do what biology tells them to. It is only our humanistic emotions that paint them a certain color. Additionally the Red Wolf is at maximum weight, around 77 pounds, eats small mammals and is extremely shy.

So where does that leave us? Well pretty much in the shitter, but if you are game and slog through the unbelievable bullshit, the clouds part to reveal a stunning militaristic novel set in the near? future. Sienna carries along a pretty funny internal dialogue about the people she finds in certain situations whether getting a medical or taking down terrorists.  She is only slightly vulnerable in the things that matter but ruthless to anyone that is considered “bad”. She is manipulative only if it gets her closer to a goal. The supporting characters are a little too Doc Savage/League of Extraordinary for me and don’t follow a patterned special ops team. But that’s showbiz.

The movement is spectacular and continues to build throughout the novel. I read this in one sitting and that speaks volumes.


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