Book Review: The Rule of Luck by Catherine Cerveny

Publisher: Orbit

Publishing Date: November 2017

ISBN: 9780316510561

Genre: SciFi/Romance

Rating: 2.1/5

Publishers Description: Year 2950. Humanity has survived devastating climate shifts and four world wars, coming out stronger and smarter than ever. Incredible technology is available to all, and enhancements to appearance, intelligence, and physical ability are commonplace.
In this future, Felicia Sevigny has built her fame reading the futures of others.

Review: I really should have shit-canned this novel after the first three chapters. Imagine you’re a woman that meets a dashing, rich and dangerous man, and within the first 24 hours you are having a standing orgasm while he gropes you at a restaurant and later, fall to your knees in the shower fantasizing about it. Is that really showbiz? Is that kind of unbelievable smut, entertainment? Do those interludes enhance the story line and lend relevance or intimacy to a relationship? I dunno, maybe I am a bit antiquated in that a whole lot of good story line development was wasted. Why not make the attraction unsaid and subtle for say 5 chapters or that one of them is uninterested in the other? But no, we get a tawdry love tri-bangle with the international man of mystery and a beat cop with throw up on his shirt and a pregnant wife. Gee, tough choice.

What is undeniable is that this author not only can write, but has a great attention to detail that moves the plot in a favorable way. Basically you always like where you are. It is at once interesting and inescapable in its attraction. While the characters are fairly one-dimensional (romance) the movement whisks you along so there is never a dull moment. Sure there are boners galore, fingers probing folds along with heaving breasts and Asshat….errr, Felica is a sexually unbridled and insecure dumbfuk BUT, thankfully the world building is pretty good. Mr. Perfection is fascinated with asshat….er Felicia and behaves like a jealous three year old around her. Of course he has a huge dick and she is tighter than a frogs ass.

I rather enjoyed the SciFi element but detested the Nora Roberts crap and for that  it loses a star. This author could write hard science fiction and be very successful at it.

3 thoughts on “Book Review: The Rule of Luck by Catherine Cerveny

  1. oh bloody hell… made me snort my tea! hahaha… well done for sticking with it 😀 I do love your take on the romance bits though- too bloody hilarious! 😀

  2. Maybe I should just review romance novels……

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