Book Review: The Chaos Chronicles by Steven Moore

Publisher: Carrick

Publishing Date: Nov 2017


Genre: SciFi

Rating: 3.3/5

Publishers Description: This new sci-fi bundle takes the reader from an Earth dominated by multinationals and policed by their mercenaries to colonizing another planet and the first encounter with ETs. And beyond, far into a future with space battles, ESP, AI, and more. This three-novel bundle provides hours of sci-fi entertainment in just one ebook.

Review: Wow, what is going on with that cover art? I am a bit lost on that one.

This was an ambitious attempt at building a galactic survival space opera for the human species. While aliens abound and sex is a consistent theme, the author renders the alien interactions in a simplistic manner. The bear like alien Tali seemed to me, heavily borrowed from Larry Niven’s Man Kzin Wars novel(s). Much of the same war like culture, mannerisms and fur (orange).

The writing was really good yet some of the considered creative elements fell a bit short. Like how FTL travel and high level technology are developed so quickly from aliens living primitively along with disaffected humans riding inter-steller seed ships. The tech scales at a logarithmic pace as the story line moves through 500? years. There was also quite a bit of back story attached to almost every chapter but the writer does a good job making it interesting.

There are some real boring sections coupled with really good ones yet generally I looked forward to reading this every night as the story line pulled me in along with the expansive world building.

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