Book Review: Weaver’s Lament (Industrial Magic; Book 2) by Emma Newman

Publisher: Tor

Publishing Date: October 2017


Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 3.0/5

Publishers Description: Charlotte is learning to control her emerging magical powers under the secret tutelage of Magus Hopkins. Her first covert mission takes her to a textile mill where the disgruntled workers are apparently destroying expensive equipment. And if she can’t identify the culprits before it’s too late, her brother will be exiled, and her family dishonoured…

Review: Not much to say here. Good writing, interesting characters and a storyline that kept you interested. As this is a novella, it rates a max 3 stars due to the truncated nature of the work. There is a mild love tri-bangle that does not attempt to over run the plot which was refreshing. Why Charlotte is always dumbed down and confused is a state that could wear thin in a full length novel. As it is, this world begs for expansion.