Book Review: The Frequency of Aliens by Gene Doucette

Publisher: Doucette

Publishing Date: December 2017


Genre: SciFi

Rating: 4.2/5

Publishers Description: Annie Collins is back! Becoming an overnight celebrity at age sixteen should have been a lot more fun. Yes, there were times when it was extremely cool, but when the newness of it all wore off, Annie Collins was left with a permanent security detail and the kind of constant scrutiny that makes the college experience especially awkward. Not helping matters: she’s the only kid in school with her own pet spaceship.

Review: This is the sequel to The Spaceship Next Door, which I reviewed Here .

The first 30% of this novel on the Kindle reading app was veerrrrry slooooooow. Meaning not much happens other than this seemingly endless build up.  There is literally gallons of explanatory prose coupled with the wit and social commentary relevant to Doucette’s style of writing.

Once the action picks up, you can’t put this down. All the characters I liked in the first novel are back and better than before and the movement transports you into a fun story line. While the writer keeps things light with his witticisms, what still comes through in spades is this malevolent alien force that frankly would have scared the shjt out of me if written in a serious context.

Get this, you will enjoy the escape.

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