Book Review: Time Heist by Anthony Vicino


Publisher: One Lazy Robot

Publishing Date: December 2014


Genre: SciFi

Rating: 4.2/5

Publishers Description: Time Vice Detective Tom Mandel lost everything when Malcolm Wolfe pulled off the biggest heist in Unity history. The next nine years passed in a drug-induced haze filled with nightmares of all the millions of lives Tom failed to protect. But now, with less than 24 hours left on his government-issued Life Tracker, Tom is given a new reason to live. Revenge.

Review: This started out a bit patterned. A sort of SciFi Sam Spade detective noir rendition. Then it becomes infused with this futuristic implosion that leaves you guessing and transfixed at the same time.

The movement is constant and builds the characters in tandem to a high degree. The scenes are vividly crafted and the tech, highly plausible. There is much blood and gore but thankfully there are nanobots doing their biz in profligate manner. I really enjoyed this interlude over the holidays but missed the initial release by a few years.

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