Book Review: Sanctuary Creek by John Kavanagh

Publisher: Riverdale

Publishing Date: December 2017


Genre: ScFi

Rating: 2.2/5

Publishers Description: In Sanctuary Creek, the third novel in the pop culture Macroglint Trilogy set in the near future, Chicago is the new home of the Papacy and the American Pope. But all is not peaceful. This American Century of new Catholicism is rocked by evidence of the authenticity of the recently discovered diaries of St. Sebastian (who claims Jesus was a third-rate magician), the suspicious death of one of the new Pope’s closest cardinals, and the rumored existence of a porn video featuring the world-renowned Catholic pop star Angelique and someone very high up in this new American Catholic Church.

Review: To be fair I did not read the first two novels in this series. Which seems to be acceptable as the first two don’t have anything in common as per the descriptions. Had the novels had a deeper connecting thread, then there would not have been the need to create and entertain exhaustive backstory in the form of explanatory prose. Just when the story line becomes interesting, you are thrust into page after page of supportive backstory that totally derails the story line and subsequently, any interest you had in reading the outcome.

While Terry, Peter II and Angelique are interesting characters, you never get a real consistent reveal as you are under a mountain of faux history. There is also a definite hostile and passive aggressive take on religion, specifically Catholicism that tends to grate after awhile as well.

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