Book Review: Monkeys Luck by Bonnie Milani

Publisher: Booksgosocial

Publishing Date: December 2017

ISBN: 9780993242564

Genre: SciFi

Rating: DNF

Publishers Description: Monkey’s Luck. That’s what the Commonwealth citizens call the kind of hard luck that turns even the good stuff bad. For a not-even-legally-human woman like Kat, it’s the only kind of luck there is. Why else would her regiment be shipped out to an unknown post at the edge of human space in the cargo hold of an old freighter?

Review: Let us follow some story line pathways together, and perhaps find a cogent thread from which logic blossoms. (Deep Breath). Ok, Kat is a soldier in a cargo hold with other soldiers whom all die and she is the only survivor. She makes her way on board the main part of the ship to find a lady boy (sprite) with BABY BROWN EYES and a huge sexy Lupin wolf guy, whom she shoots. Good plan, as they are at war with the galactic wolf people. She calls for help, is arrested by a colonel that raped and tortured her in another phenotypical form, he lets her and Lady boy go, and now she is bringing sausage sandwiches to sexy wolf man whom is being tortured with this inner mantra constantly in play….”I must save sexy wolf man and lady boy as soon as possible.”.

So with all the fucks out there to give, why do I give a fuck? Well one reader saved looks good on my karmic record or I have an ego that demands attention. So how has Kat determined that Colonel Klink is evil (besides being a rapist and bumping into him in a huge galaxy) and that she must thwart any plans the military has as it will throw the galaxy into inter-stellar war the likes of which no one has ever seen? Or how she suddenly throws all her training and battle hardness out the door to save a sexy wolf guy and a lady boy with BABY BROWN EYES in lieu of a court martial? Or how a hidden military sister hood resides in a military camp where she is immediately invited into and the women there have fucking wolf mates on planet wolf with little humanoid wolf puppies? They ask her about her DEEP CONNECTION to sexy wolf guy cause he touched her forehead. Really?

Lets take a look at Lady Boy. As you can guess he has BABY BROWN EYES, as it is said over and over and over. He is a slave or claims to be but is a fucking medic that fixes Kat’s broken foot while staring daggers at her the whole time. When no one is looking, there is something deep, dark and hidden within Lady Boy. We get it. Foreshadowing. This little turd should have been dumped or killed real quick but manages to derail and mitigate a story line into crap.

So that’s as far as I got before throwing in the reading towel on this POS. If you can make sense of this novel please tender your fucks in the comments section.

2 thoughts on “Book Review: Monkeys Luck by Bonnie Milani

  1. What is even going on, here? hahaha… I guess I am glad you called it quits because this book would surely have driven you mental…

  2. I did end up finishing it as it is a novella. Went even farther downhill if that’s possible….

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