Book Review: Gravlander by Erik Wecks


Publisher: Wecks

Publishing Date: October 2017

ISBN: 9781978137318

Genre: SciFi


Publishers Description: Nineteen-year-old Josephine Lutnear is just months away from becoming the youngest fleet surgeon in history. And she’s miserable. As a young girl, Jo watched the Unity Corporation murder her family and barely escaped the moon Aetna’s destruction. Eight years later, the Unity started a war that left Jo running for her life. Alone aboard a hidden rebel fleet, she grew up studying the only academic course open to her: medicine.

Review:  First Movement.

Jo is super speshul with sugar in her butt. Her heightened sense of myopia knows no bounds. Pages of internal dialogue litter your eyes with narcissistic blather. “I am so frustrated that I am the youngest doctor in space and not allowed to help these aliens that are not aliens. I can’t help it if I am smarter than everyone. I think I will cry and have a tantrum for the next 20 pages.”  And so it goes for awhile until………she finds the fucking cure for the alien’s that are not aliens, plague. But really it is a computer that does all the work. and you’re never told how she cured them and by what specific mechanism.

What is completely unbelievable is Asshats…, Jo’s choices in life. She feels trapped on a rebel ship and chooses to go with aliens that are not aliens (whom everyone knows hate humans that are humans) to their floating mishmash of wrecks floating in space. Really? Is the grass greener in shit hole central? I guess this is what is called setting up the story line narrative, but man, what a weak leap.


Second Movement.

Well Jo is now named Katy because UNITY still wants her for some reason that only the writer knows. So she is in disguise and becomes a total wreck when she can’t save everybody in the universe while wondering “when am I going to screw this up as well?”.  From a know-it-all narcissist to ditch swilling low self-esteem gurl was a shift not expected because of the “wha??” factor. Well, while on her new ship that embraces her like family (through much resistance), Katy-Jo finds her true calling. She is in a persistent state of disbelief even after all that has happened to her and is constantly “trembling, horrified, sickened, and growling while sitting in a waking nightmare”.

So, as we trundle along in Jo’s sociopathic wake, wondering how she is going to save the galaxy from UNITY and become the messiah /Space Princess of the aliens that are not aliens by bringing them out of the galactic gutter, that is exactly what happens. Well, not really. But if I had to guess where this shjtbucket is going that is the direction I am inclined.

The ending is abrupt but that is what you get from serialized novels.  So, if you like 19 year old DOCTORS that save “not aliens” and the galaxy at large (maybe) then this ones for you.


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