Book Review: Frostgrave: Second Chances by Mathew Ward

Publisher: Osprey

Publishing Date: November 2017


Genre: Fantasy


Publishers Description: Time is running out for Yelen and Mirika Semova. Although the sisters have a gained a reputation for success among the explorers of the Frozen City, their lives are haunted by a curse that hangs over Yelen. The more she uses her magic, the closer the demon Azzanar comes to claiming her, body and soul. When the sisters recover a strange artifact, dark truths are revealed, old alliances are broken, and the sisters are separated. Each sister is faced with terrible choices. Who will they turn to for help, and what price will they pay to get it?

Review: I am a bit confused, but that should be no surprise. This started out pretty good but was quickly mired down by travel filler and internal dialogue between Yelen and her demon. While the story line was compelling enough to continue, the main characters stifled every event with trenchant myopia. “Wahhh, me, me, me. I have a demon in my head”……etc. etc.. Well while Yelen is dealing with some rather life threatening issues like a DEMON IN HER HEAD, Mirika is also possessed by an ancient fuckwit.  So in between possessions there is quite a bit of to-ing and-fro-ing across the frozen reaches which takes up a lot of of the novel.

What was really well done were the supporting characters. Kain, Ras, and the whole gang were superbly rendered. When parts of the gang were sacrificed to further the novels intent, there was a pang of loss and a fear that the sisters would get more page time. IMO, main characters should share the level of intent with the supporting characters. This builds everyone in consummate fashion and leaves space for development. When characters are over the top in approach, you don’t care what happens to them. Like wishing the sisters would get swallowed by a sperm whale.

The ending is not an ending so gird yur loins for the next installment.


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