Book Review: EN by Michelle Reynoso

Publishing Date: April 2018

Publisher: IBPA

ISBN: 9780999718902

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 1.2/5

Publisher’s Description: High School senior Faith McDaniels is struggling to find a place to belong. She never knew her father. She lost her mother to cancer three months ago. Now Faith is starting a new life with her brother Eddie in the small town of Madison, but this ‘fresh start’ is more than just a move to a new town and a new high school, it’s the beginning of a series of strange events that puts her on the precipice of discovering that pendants and portals, other worlds, and energy-bending are not just ideas from a fantasy story. It is her life. A life that is about to get even more complicated when Faith discovers her own extraordinary abilities to bend and manipulate energy, a power that can be the bridge, or the barrier, to saving the world of Enlitra and her own world.

Review: This was more like a novella in length, a rather quick read. I liked Faith as a character, initially. Then the novel gets patterned with her super speshulness and idiot friends and love tribangles.  Most of the story line resides in and out of an abandoned house which is supposed to scare you but comes off contrived. Because so much time is spent at the house the story line works at being relevant and interesting but comes off manufactured and boring.  Don’t worry though, there will probably be another 5 novellas that follow the unwilling trail of asshat …, Faith,  and her host of myopic and vacuous friends.

2 thoughts on “Book Review: EN by Michelle Reynoso

  1. Speshul characters and you really don’t get along 😀 hahaha… too much perfection to handle, can’t blame ya there! 🙂

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