Book Review: Sygillis of Metatron by Ren Garcia


Publisher: BooksGoSocial

Publishing Date:  March 2011


Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 1.0/5

Publisher’s Description: When an enemy Black Hat is taken prisoner aboard Captain Davage’s ship, the powerful Sisterhood of Light has every intention of executing her, to put her to a slow, painful death. That is what’s done to Black Hats, and no one dares challenge the Sisters’ authority. They are astounded when the Captain refuses to allow it.

Review:   The start of this novel was pretty cool. Lord Blanchefort shunning royal life in favor of military service. A saucy and dangerous former love plying the night in search of his destruction and a family riddled with questions about their sanity and fortitude. While fighting some galactic battle they run up against the Black Hats’, a murderous cult that utilizes dark energy in the form of Shadow Tech. After taking the Black Hat prisoner, Lord Blanchefort sees an uncanny resemblance to a friend that died and pursues a redemptive course rather than have her killed. Sygillus is way fooking creepy with her constant death iterations and vacuous approach to humanity. Like dealing with a hot Hannibal Lechter. And then………..

Have you ever been walking on a nice sunny spring day, sun warming your back and the scent of new life filling your lungs and then you step in a pile of dogshit. The glorious day suddenly leaves you while  frantically wiping the shit off on the grass. But still it hangs with you while you scrape the shit off the sides with a piece of bark. And, even though you get most of it off, it still rides your psyche back home until you can hose it off. That is what happened to this novel. Went from genius to pure shjt in a flash.

So, Lord Blanchefort presses on in his efforts to redeem a Black Hat, while his whole crew and the covenant of Sisters (The good witches) swear undying loyalty to him while wanting to bang him. As he works a miracle on Syg, she finally comes around and wuvs the Captwans with a jealous heart and plenty of sex kitteny like actions. Syg goes from a serial killer to a flouncy dim-witted romance figure with pedantic designs on marrying Lord Blanchefort cause she had a “vision”. The pure sap and corn continue to roll off every page in desultory fashion when it turns out she converted the Dark Shadow Tech into…..SILVER TECH!!! Fuk, she is just so damn speshul my balls ache. Well most everyone that is speshul has speshully powers in this novel so it is not surprise that they win at everything. The End.


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