Book Review: Wind Reapers (Blackburn #2) by Raquel Byrnes


Publishing Date: February 2018

Publisher: Pelican

ISBN: 9781611169430

Genre: Steampunk

Rating: 1.8/5

Publisher’s Description:Charlotte Blackburn—Hero, hunted, the unwitting symbol of a dark rebellion—she thwarted the deadly intent of the treacherous Order of the Sword and Scroll, but at a shattering cost. Now, she fights to survive among a tribe of fierce Wind Reapers who troll the wasteland aboard massive metal walkers. But a new storm is brewing and Charlotte is once again the linchpin in a deadly plan.

Review: The overall story line was compelling in that the world where this takes place has the full steampunk vibe. Airships, mechanical walkers, goggles and filters and the attire is rendered in superb fashion.  So what went wrong?

Well, Charlotte did. She never grows into anything worth reading. In short she is a gasping, trembling, flouncy asshat that happens to be in situations not of her own design. She is thrust into scenes that could have been spectacular but her presence just drags everything to a halt.  While the supporting caste is excellent, Charlotte is in a constant state of emotive exasperation and docile frailty, punctuated by instances of a vinegar like backbone. This constant dichotomy wears on you, especially when the fast paced movement demands a stalwart character, not some mewling cowering douche that needs help at every turn. Charlotte is so absorbed in her own condition that any good development is lost in her characters myopia. Of course the other ruination of her character is the budding love tribangle. Riley’s Emerald eyes, sinewy muscles, chiseled jaw or Ashton’s flashing eyes and etc. etc. round out Charlotte as a complete fail.

A major part of this novel resides in suspending your disbelief. Winged contraptions strapped to your body, then catapulted to fly 5 or more miles is really a flagrant disregard for physics. The living environment is not biologically supportable what with acid fumes, molten geysers and the like. Floating cities round out the unexplained along with mechanized walkers that need sails in order to move. Perhaps these portions should of had better focus in order support the ideas tendered.

I really wanted to like this alternative steampunkian world but the story line was constantly derailed and steeped in heavy doses of dialogue that merely provided points to an argumentative exchange.

If Charlotte ever grows the fuk up, I will keep reading this series.

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