Book Review: Startoucher by C.J. Odle


Publishing Date: February 2018

Publisher: Startoucher


Genre: SciFi

Rating: 2.8/5

Publisher’s Description: After 3.8 billion years, the alien creators of life on Earth return to evaluate the results of their experiment. One species is found to be an extreme danger to itself and others – Humanity. Evidence for the continuation of the species hangs by a thread.

Review: This started out kinda ho-hum. The characters are followed around their daily lives and subsequently never reach any sort of depth.  Jake is not very interesting what with being a karate super lawyer and that an alluring artist suddenly is emotionally attached to him after one date. Sarah cries and paints pictures of him, wondering where he is and questions herself about his disappearance.  Yech. But never fear, Jake has the hot’s for her too, and quite possibly is his choice for a breeding animal should humanity be found wanting.

So as this novel skips over the building of characters that skitter about an over done story line (aliens judging humans/Close Encounters of the Third Kind), we find ourselves in the midst of a tribunal run by higher beings that behave polemically. Kinda weird that this ongoing condemnation did not take on a more “elevated” form of discernment that reflected the wisdom of beings billions of years old.

What is really weird, is that I liked the writing style and found myself enjoying the flow of the written word. This was put together in a way that lends itself to being heard, even though the content (characters, story line, plot) was not as polished. The aliens and their tech was a creative representation of what we expect with some interesting turns added. I still enjoyed myself and that speaks volumes.


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