Book Review: Daughter of War by S.J.A. Turney


Publishing Date: April 2018

Publisher: Canelo


Genre: Historical Fiction

Rating: 3.8/5

Publisher’s Description: Europe is aflame. On the Iberian Peninsula the wars of the Reconquista rage across Aragon and Castile. Once again, the Moors are gaining the upper hand. Christendom is divided. Amidst the chaos comes a young knight: Arnau of Valbona. After his Lord is killed in an act of treachery, Arnau pledges to look after his daughter, whose life is now at risk. But in protecting her Arnau will face terrible challenges, and enter a world of Templars, steely knights and visceral combat he could never have imagined. She in turn will find a new destiny with the Knights as a daughter of war… Can she survive? And can Arnau find his destiny?

Review: Strange title for the novel as the main protagonist is Arnau with Titborga getting very little play. The action is centered around opposing forces seeking to abduct or kill her for her fathers wealth, but really the whole story is about Arnau’s development as a Templar Knight under siege/war like conditions.

I found this novel pretty riveting as the movement interleaved with the character development in subtle fashion. For instance, Arnau struggles with letting go of a life as a lower noble to embrace the Templar Order. Events transpire to edge him in a direction that is more noble than the life he once lead.  Redemption? Not really, just a way out of a current predicament.

The story line’s culmination was expected, as in you could see it coming from the beginning of the novel. A shame really, as there were parts of this novel that took you by surprise. The villain was a little too “villainy” and not real believable as were the ruffians fighting on his behalf. A bit contrived but entertaining.

Pick this up, you will have a good time transporting back into the life of a Templar.


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