Book Review: God Killer by Eden Hudson


Publishing Date: February 2016

Publisher: The River Pirate Alliance


Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 3.7/5

Publisher’s Description: The disturbing final chapter in the award-winning Redneck Apocalypse series. The last battle for Earth is here. Rivers of blood are going to flow. Anyone who doesn’t die in the first hemorrhage is going to wish they had.

Review: Well here we are, sadly, at the end of an awesome fantasy series. Archetypal battles between the patently evil, the inherently flawed supernatural and the redemptive. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly? Yeah….could have used a dash of Tuco but I aint complainin’.

Typically battles between good and evil are not my thing, mainly because the final battle dumbs down a lot of what made the series great in the first place. It relegates characterization (development) to the back burner and embraces the patterned “Final Conflict” we see so often in movies and various novel genres. This series sort of demanded the ending that it had as there was nothing subtle about the approach.

There was only one technical boo-boo where Willow has a .45 semi-automatic with a laser site attached to the barrel. On a semi-auto pistol the laser is attached to the frame.

What I like about the series most were the bible passages intertwined with the story line to lend relevance to the conflict. It also gets me thinking about what is really important. I burned through this box set that the author so kindly sent me and I thank her for her generosity and ultimately, her creativity.

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