Book Review: Blood’s a Rover by Harlan Ellison

Publishing Date: 1969-1975

Publisher: Subterranean

ISBN: 9781596068681

Genre: SciFi

Rating: 4.7/5

Publisher’s Description: Harlan Ellison and his editor, Jason Davis, have painstakingly assembled the whole story of Vic and Blood and Spikefrom the author’s files, using revised-and-expanded versions of the novella and short stories, interstitial material developed for Richard Corben’s graphic adaptation, and—for the first time—never-before-published material from the aborted 1977 NBC television series Blood’s a Rover to tell the complete story of A Boy and His Dog, and a Girl who is tougher than the other two combined.

Review: If you remember the movie “A Boy and his Dog”, then this is where it all started.  This final compilation integrates all the stories into a cogent whole. The perspectives shift between Blood and Vic and continues to entertain no matter the eyes you are looking through. A spectacular read from a true master of the craft.


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