Blood Ghast Blues by Jake Bible

Publishing Date: April 2018

Publisher: Bell Bridge


Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 3.5/5

Publisher’s Description: Chase Lawter and his crack team—an omnisexual yeti, an ex-Fae assassin, and a business savvy zombie—are tasked with transporting the One Guy to Washington, D. C. where the Department of Extradimensional Affairs will put the crime lord into protective custody. That is, if Chase and Black Box Inc. can evade blood ghasts, dimentionalist rednecks, vengeance-seeking kobolds, and whatever other enemies are in hot pursuit of the One Guy.

Review: Early into this ARC, the reviews are quite favorable. Most credit the high entertainment value to those stellar reviews, and I couldn’t agree more. The movement is of the “splat” variety and seeks to outdo itself from scene to scene, ramping up the gore in the process.  The interactions and descriptions of other dimensional beings was highly creative and inventive when put in practice.

“So why you no give 5 stars!!?”.  Derailing this express train of viscera was the author’s infusion of political and racist digs. Not that I am a fan of either side of the political spectrum, I just think it reduces the story line to the pointedly mundane. So rednecks are bad, and because they are rednecks they are generally racist? And the stupid meter for G. Bush is measured against other presidents that were smarter? And all white cops in the deep south are racist by design and breeding, especially when they see dark skin? I find that the people with the most biased and deranged opinions to be those that have never lived it. Trust me, I have lived it and this writer knows absolutely jack shjt in that specific arena.

That said, I still had a great time reading this and look forward to the next in this series as the ending hints at more fun. Hopefully the author keeps his stupid political opinions to himself as it has no place in fantasy land.


2 thoughts on “Blood Ghast Blues by Jake Bible

  1. Political and racist digs… heh, I was just talking to someone over the weekend that some authors use their fiction to spin out their views and how it can be so bleeding risky to do because essentially the reader gets alienated in the process… but, glad this had the entertainment value 😉

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