Book Review: Taste of Wrath by Matt Wallace

Publishing Date: April 2018

Publisher: Tor

ISBN: 9780765393241

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: DNF (2.5/5)

Publisher’s Description: Bronko and his team of crack chefs and kitchen staff have been serving the New York supernatural community for decades. But all that could be about to change. The entity formerly known as Allensworth has been manipulating Bronko and his team from Day One, and the gang at Sin du Jour have had enough. Old debts are called in, and an alliance is formed with the unlikeliest of comrades. Some will die. Some will descend. And some will rise.

Review: To be honest I have only read one novel (plus this one) in the series and was not a big fan. Why? The extent of serialization that I will tolerate is a really good trilogy and even that is stretching it. Serialization meanders along the same story line with inserted characters providing levity or interest in the reader. This is overlaid upon the core characters like a wet blanket, only the blanket was interesting.

In a review I did of “Prides Spell”, I was alarmed to read that a reviewer, whom I respect and could adore, rated it 4 stars. It was almost like finding your High school girlfriend making out with your best friend. But, betrayal is always and only, in the mind of the accuser. Although that respect is tarnished but not diminished, I thought I might use it to ferret out her logic and come to a different conclusion. But alas, I defaulted to my own opinion, and at the end of the day, don’t really give a shjt. So cheers to Carol for having a different perspective and me to self-banished inversion.

This novel just did not capture my attention so although I did not finish it, that in no way means it is crap. The writer is accomplished and the characters mildly interesting. The story line (to me) was boring as were the character exchanges. The world building is finite and lacks the expansiveness needed when dealing with “things” from different realms. So roll them dice, you may like it…..or not.


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