Book Review: Rage of Winter by Sam Herrera


Publishing Date: April 2018

Publisher: Matador


Genre: SciFi

Rating: 1.0/5

Publisher’s Description: Kyle Thayer is an ex-soldier with no family and very few friends. His dishonourable discharge has left him few options and he spends his nights dodging knives and fists while working as a doorman at Cielo, a has-been nightclub, and dreaming of something better. These two people have nothing in common and may never have even met if they hadn’t both made a very strange discovery in a cave beneath Thompkins Park: the Rage of Winter, an extremely advanced fighter aircraft unlike anything ever seen before. It is capable of invisibility, crossing oceans in minutes, has mounted guns, missiles, medical supplies, an armoury and can even leave Earth’s orbit.

Review: I am going to attempt to break this down into some sense of cogency in hopes that my brain resets during the process.

In the first movement we get Kyle rescuing a 13 year old rich girl, Mara, and they become fast pals riding around the world in a spaceship. And I mean inseparable buddies. Like he’s her Dad kinda buddy but with this weird pedo vibe thrown in. As the story line kind of develops we find these two defending each other almost violently as “they have been through so much together”. When that was uttered i thought, “Been through what?”. Flying to beaches, Mara teleporting to Borneo and sitting on top of the Statue of Liberty having lunch kind of travails?

In the second movement Mara moves to England and we all get mired in YA teen angst and a plethora of names and people that have no bearing on the story line. This goes on for chapters while emulating Mara’s growth into adulthood. Meanwhile Kyle bangs Mara’s auntie and gets thrown in jail for being a serial killer.

In the third movement, hell is unleashed on Earth as they battle genetically engineered talking dragons and the anti-Christ while hiding out in caves.

To say this novel was confusing is an understatement. This novel needed a HEAVY dose of editing and perhaps a re-write or two. The schizophrenic way in which the novel evolves demands at least some form of logical progression in order for the reader to understand what is going on. Just because you write and understand what you are saying does not mean the reader does. That said, this writer has a lot of creative ideas that need to be harnessed and focused for better effect.

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