Book Review: To Die Again by Sandy Parks


Publishing Date: March 2018

Publisher: Kobo


Genre: SciFi/Romance

Rating: 1.0/5

Publisher’s Description: Dr. Mona Signoretti has the rare ability to shield her Infinitas life energy from others, making her appear human. She uses that talent by going undercover for a special FBI unit to investigate one of her species suspected of developing a deadly toxin to gain power in the human world. If she fails, not only are humans at risk, but also the mission to save her race from destruction. When her role is discovered and her life-sustaining energy threatened, an all-too-human agent, Grant Thornton, is assigned to keep her alive—not an easy task in a world where enemies refuse to die.

Review: Not a lot of reviews out on this one, but dang they are of the 5 star variety. I don’t know about 5 stars, but lets read on to find out.

The Good- Initially this was really well written (cogent) and the premise is spot on. Alien hottie immortal, seeking evidence of a bio-toxin aimed at killing humanity. Ah, the stage was set for a pretty kick ass novel with a tough and interesting heroine leading the charge.

The Bad- But….sadly no. After a lab disaster aimed at killing Dr. Alien Hottie-Pants, Carey Grant Huge Johnson saves the day and therein after, Mona has her head buried in his lap. Forget that she is a 2,000 year old alien with literally years of experience and wisdom behaving like a hormone addled adolescent.

The Ugly- The dialogue within various scenes lacks not only logical progression but fails at making a cogent argument about what is being considered. Usually when you have two people making assumptions, developing hypothesis and communicating in a iterative way, there is a culmination of rational perspectives that embraces a choice or two. In this novel, all the assumptions are made by asshats that 1) have nothing to do with the story line 2) wander to and fro and then totally abandon the initial premise 3) are extremely juvenile and pedantic in approach to the problem, and 4) spit out some non-related outcome that suddenly moves the story line in the direction intended.

Well, once again I am reminded that just because it says science fiction and has a snazzy cover does not mean that the content is rife with romantically inclined trash. My sincerest wish is that romance writers stay out of the SciFI/Fantasy genres and build a novel like all the others. Set on a dude ranch, strawberry blonde hair, heaving breasts, that bitch mother-in-law, love triangles and a sketchy past that erased all trust…blah, blah, blah.

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