Book Review: Lift by L. M. Ransom


Publishing Date: April 2018

Publisher: L. M. Ransom

ISBN: 9781732058804

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 2.1/5

Publisher’s Description:For sixteen-year-old Charlotte Flynn, moving into the heart of the Michigan woods with her family is the biggest adventure she’s ever had. A self-proclaimed geek girl with a penchant for Sherlock Holmes, she wonders if she’ll ever have an exciting quest of her own.
But when she discovers an antique carousel tucked into the woods near her new home, her life soon spins out of control. For the ponies are so much more than their faded paint portrays. Filled with primal magic, the ponies are alive, and they have been waiting for her for a long time.

Review: This was a real push to get through but it is my own fault. I got sucked in on another book description that sounds interesting but is a front for patterned YA fantasy.  So I take full responsibility for stepping in it but waded through in stalwart fashion to the bitter end….or is it?

Charlotte (call her Char) is fooking speshul and likes boys…a boy, and then two boys so I guess it is a love tribangle but without the banging. She gets lot’s o’ shivers down her spine, eighteen in fact if you’re counting, and trembles, fumbles, blushes and pouts her way into your heart. Only she really can’t because she was not built as a solid and believable character. Translated: that means she doesn’t really grow with the movement, and the depth required to build  a character that you care about fails to culminate. What we get is a whiny disbelieving asshat that constantly asks the wrong questions and accepts what everyone tells her. Awesome role model for the YA crowd, eh? Personally I like characters that are independent and gutsy, relying on their own “can-do” attitudes and not swoon or blush at the drop of a hat.

What was really the stone anchoring the mutinous seaman to the ocean’s depths was the constant overuse of descriptors. “She looked at his handsome face ….”, “He put his hands on his slender hips…”, “He raked his hand through his jet black hair “, and on and on and on. Do YA readers really need to be walked through the scenes in order to bring them to life? It was like reading a writers workshop 101 class project.

But thank your lucky little stars as this is first in the series which ended much like the book started. So yay for you if you hang in there.