Book Review: Domani: The Outer Ring Series, Volume 1 by Carolyn Gross

Publishing Date: December 2017

Publisher: Carolyn Gross

ISBN: 9780692979419

Genre: SciFi

Rating: 2.4/5

Publisher’s Description: Lulu knew the people of Dalia deserved to live in darkness. The knowledge existed in her bones as surely as she knew that the flames were coming to end their existence. But their protector planet was shifting away from them and the shadow that once sheltered them was disappearing. The strength and power Lulu discovers about herself will place her at the head of a massive uprising that will span across an entire galaxy. Does she become the catalyst needed to destroy the empire that created her?


Review: I would first like to get something out of the way that relates to a Goodreads review on this particular piece of work. It received a DNF for the simple reason that it was confusing. Now mind you that the review that was written was confusing and lacked an iterative attempt at cogency. So we must consider the source (reviewer) in this instance. Add to that all the spelling and grammatical errors and, well, there you go. So rather than go through each point and dispute it, I discarded that notion due to my own identity inconsistencies.

The Good– In the first movement of this novel, Lulu is scrambling about like all the other castoff of denizens of the Domain on a moon rife with religious control. Her smart ass personality comes out in spades under a determined and independent mien. When the head religious leader speaks the truth about coming events he is about to be assassinated until Lulu saves him.  The novel only gets better when events escalate, new characters are introduced and the twist in the story line pulls you under it’s spell. Is life on a moon orbiting a gas giant that protects them from the sun supportable? Probably not, but I just did not give a shjt as the writing was fantastic.

The Bad- And then ………Lulu is???? Yup, speshul. Not just a gal that may have an inherent gene sequence that is valuable to the Domain. Noooooooo. Her fingers fukin’ glow as she lights a beacon and can manipulate light and burn people to ash or take out hundreds of soldiers with a thought.  As I kept reading the second movement I thought, “Who the fuk wrote this?”. No really, it is like two different people sat down and hashed out two disparate pieces of a novel and forced them to mate and have a novel baby.

The Ugly- Well at the end of the day, we have a promising author with fleeting brilliance that lost her own voice to patterned tropes. Romance and aliens that are not alien but thingies with an anthropomorphic bent round out some of the crap to swallow.  Evilly Domain people meting out rape and cruelty on a whim does not a believable SciFI novel make.  The Over -the-Top good vs. evil shtick, while reminiscent of Star Wars, lacked the lengthy build to draw you in.

I really hope this author pulls her head out of her….well, finds and builds upon the voice we heard in the first movement. Make it alien, weird and SciFI, not this mix of Fantasy/Romance crapola littered with the kind of shjt people churn out en masse. Make the effort.

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