Book Review: The Atlantis Cipher by David Leadbeater

Publishing Date: September 2018

Publisher: Amazon

ISBN: 9781503903128

Genre: Fiction/Archeo

Rating: 2.8/5

Publisher’s Description: Five ancient statues have been unearthed in South America, each containing a mysterious coded message hinting at an origin many thought impossible: the mythical world of Atlantis. As word of their discovery spreads, the prized figurines become a treasure bounty hunters will kill for.

Review: Well, once again we follow the exploits of Guy Bodie (lol) and a mostly snarky (but deadly MMA expert) Carrie Something Something. Rounding out this duo of dynamic douche bags is a computer whiz, an old dude and a planner. Wow. And, they make their living retrieving (stealing) ancient relics. Um kay. Only ancient relics have untold sources of unimaginable power, that left in the wrong hands would send the USA back to the dark ages. Hence the CIA stepping in to save the day and hire these morons in order to disavow their involvement yet simultaneously giving Team Bodie an international pass from extradition and imprisonment.

Now, if you can swallow all of that, you are good to go on reading. Me not so much. BUT, I did read this to the end and although parts were intriguing, the whole A-Team shtick with the CRASH, BANG, BOOM!, and expert douchebaggery coupled with the tough but tender CIA hot chick, just fuking wears on your entire being. However, the author makes no excuses for exhibiting a “cinema” type story line, perhaps in hopes of getting a movie deal.

This is still quite a bit better than the first installment as the characters are not as annoying and the movement is quite a bit tighter. I do hope (in order to keep reading this series) that the CIA Historical expert joins the team and that Carrie falls out of a plane to her long and agonizing demise.

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