Book Review: The Night Crossing by Robert Massello


Publishing Date: September 2018

Publisher: 47 North

ISBN: 9781503904101

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 3.7/5

Publisher’s Description: It begins among the Carpathian peaks, when an intrepid explorer discovers a mysterious golden box. She brings it back with her to the foggy streets of Victorian London, unaware of its dangerous power…or that an evil beyond imagining has already taken root in the city. Stoker, a successful theater manager but frustrated writer, is drawn into a deadly web spun by the wealthy founders of a mission house for the poor. Far from a safe haven, the mission harbors a dark and terrifying secret.

Review: I had read ” The Jekyll Revelation” or rather gave it a DNF due to some perceived inconsistencies. I was surprised to find that I really enjoyed this work, due to the well built characters and shifting movement. The world building is great as is the era in which it is depicted.

“So why you no give 5 stars!!?”. Without giving too much away, the last third of the novel takes a shift into an area (place in time) I was not a fan of. It is purely a personal preference and most assuredly will not echo others sentiments.

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