Book Review: Daisy’s Run by Scott Baron


Publishing Date: November 2018

Publisher: Curiouser Publishing

ISBN: 9781945996184

Genre: SciFi

Rating: 3.6/5

Publisher’s Description: It had been one hell of a way to start the day––being rudely snapped from a deep cryo-sleep, and in the middle of a ship-wide crisis to boot––but Daisy was pleased to note that the ship had not decompressed, the crew hadn’t been blasted into space, and, most importantly, they hadn’t simply blown up. At least not yet. So, they had that going for them, but being stuck on a damaged ship in the inky depths of space as it limped toward Earth was not exactly the relaxing trip home she’d imagined.


The Good: This was a pretty dam good scifi novel. Think of an updated “2001: A Space Odyssey” that moves into a “Star Wars” Lea meme with a strange dystopian Earth ending.

Daisy is hotter than a half fuked fox in a February forest fire and has this latent genius developing within, due to her abuse of mental downloads (or is it?). Her development is not a coincidence as the ship she is troubleshooting continues to glitch as does the resident AI. Without giving too much away, Daisy continues to develop as a real solid character as the movement intensifies. The story line takes many surprising turns and is really what drives the novel in interesting directions.

The Meh: Daisy and hunky guy Biggus Dickus lust affair gets a little long winded and over-used. No surprise that I am not a fan of romance due to it’s ability to detract from the characters and story line if not executed with perfection. In this case, it got a little too sloppy with the graphic rendering. Additionally, Daisy’s constant disbelief about her abilities wore pretty thin after awhile. “Like, wow gee, I had no idea I could make an EMP bomb while running from cyborgs and knitting stockings at the same time!”

Conclusion: As much as Daisy was a great character, she could be a total asshat as well. Would I get the next in the series? Fuk yeah, as I loves the space operatic.

2 thoughts on “Book Review: Daisy’s Run by Scott Baron

  1. hahaha, I love this review. I really needed to read a review like this just now! *applauds*

  2. Glad you liked it! So did the author and he just sent me the next 2 in the series. Yay!

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