Book Review: The Shape of Rain by Michael B. Koep

Publishing Date: October 2018

Publisher: Will Dreamly

ISBN: 9780997623420

Genre: SciFi? Fantasy?

Rating: DNF

Publisher’s Description: Discredited mythology professor Astrid Finnley believes gods and immortals once battled for a place in creation. When she is summoned to a secret archaeological dig site in Northern Idaho to translate an ancient script, she uncovers an unthinkable nightmare: a woman buried alive for over a thousand years. Meanwhile, titular psychologist Loche Newirth – the author of prophetic writings that are changing the course of history – is in mortal (and perhaps immortal) danger. With his former mentor attempting to torture, command and control him, Newirth must face a new threat. He discovers that his son is also a target. To right all that has seemed to go so wrong, he chooses a path that ultimately takes him back to a time when a venomous army of gods lay siege to the City of Immortals.

Review: As evidenced by the amount of time I put into crafting review templates so you, the reader, can have a cogent if not biased opinion on novels you are considering. I do not DNF novels lightly. I consider many aspects of this choice, boredom being right up there with writing inability.

In fairness I will attempt once more down the road a bit to read this in it’s entirety. For now, no thanks.

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