Book Review: Ruin by Karl Radle

Publishing Date: September 2018

Publisher: Karl Radle

ISBN: 9781540225549

Genre: SciFi/Horror

Rating: 3.6/5

Publisher’s Description: Kano, a human soul placed in an artificial body, is surrounded by fools. Unable to comprehend her brilliance, they insist on dragging her into their nonsense as she wanders the absurd, violent world. Plagued by memories that belonged to a very different her, she leaves a wave of spontaneous havoc in her wake.

Review: Self-published, really?  Somebody get this author a publishing deal!

I am not a fan of the horror genre, i.e. ghouls, the undead, necromancers blah, blah, blah. That said, this novel has many of that genres descriptors but none of the base fantasy. See the beasties, wierdos and mechs are rooted in SCIENCE! Yes, beautiful science that is but a reflection of God’s countenance.

“So why you no give 5 star!?”. Welll…….at about the 75% mark, it started to get really dialogue heavy, and not in a good way. When every interaction is explained in authorial ‘asides”, then the story line tends to drag a bit with long winded diatribe. The ending is abrupt and does not suit an audience that is left bereft of satisfaction in all its glorious finality.

This is a quirky novel that initially pulled you in with a sense of mystery coupled with great movement. You hang in there knowing questions will be answered, like why is Kano such a megalomaniacal asshat who treats everyone around her like mere flies to be swatted. She definitely is either off her rocker, or this novel follows an un-dead Avenger comic story line. So which is it?

I would give this a shot in hopes that Kano begins a long quest on her own to get,…… you-know-what.


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