Book Reviews: Hell Divers IV by Nicholas Sansbury Smith

Publishing Date: November 2018

Publisher: Blackstone

ISBN: 9781538557105

Genre: SciFi

Rating: 3.7/5

Publisher’s Description: Sea Wolf sets out to search for the Metal Islands. Leading the expedition is legendary Hell Diver Xavier Rodriguez. After enduring for a decade on the poisoned surface, his survival skills will be put to the test on the dangerous open seas.

Review: If you have a hard time suspending your disbelief in lieu of a factual story line….forget reading this series. But….if you like a Doc Savage-esque modern rendition of over-the-top action and unbelievable scenarios then hop on board the Silly Train.

X (Xavier Rodriguez) is a manly mans-man with manly mannerisms steeped in vitriol. He has a penchant for revenge laced violence while sacrificing self in order to save the ones he loves….. or kinda likes.  He is constantly wounded yet battles through the pain to overcome all manner of beasties including teeth clacking cannibals.

So while I was picking the corn out my shjt I noticed a few firearm fails and the impossibility of new species born of the nuclear holocaust after only 200 years. Godzilla could not be reached for comment  so grain of salt and all that.

Giving this novel a good review rating is like admitting you like disco music. But dammit, whats not to like about giant mutant octopi, armored hog/wolves, crazed laser shooting robots and man-sized predacious vultures?

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