Book Review: The Beast of Nightfall Lodge by SA Sidor

Publishing Date: February 2019

Publisher: Angry Robot


Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 4.6/5

Publisher’s Description: When Egyptologist Rom Hardy receives a strange letter from his old friend, the bounty-hunting sniper Rex McTroy, he finds himself drawn into a chilling mystery. In the mountains of New Mexico, a bloodthirsty creature is on the loose, leaving a trail of bodies in its wake. Now, a wealthy big game hunter has offered a staggering reward for its capture, and Rom’s patron – the headstrong and brilliant Evangeline Waterston – has signed the team up for the challenge. Awaiting them are blizzards, cold-blooded trappers, remorseless hunters, a mad doctor, wild animals and a monster so fearsome and terrifying, it must be a legend come to life.

Review: I am really, really tired because I stayed up so late reading this grand tale of supernatural adventure. This is the most fun I have had in a long time. This novel has everything in it that I love. Great characters, an involved mystery and expansive world building.

I really liked the movement that was coupled to this constant shifting of scenes that focuses your attention. Each scene is crafted to involve the reader with vivid details and the story line never loses an edge because of it. Besides a few head scratchers where you have to suspend your disbelief, this was a really well done adventure. Strangely, the cover art depicts a beast with moose horns when in the novel they were Elk horns

If you like a novel set in the great industrial revolution with proper manners colliding with outllaws, all wrapped in a mysterious fantasy, then the table is set.

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