Book Review: Civil War: Rogue Dungeon #2 by J.A. Hunter and E. Hudson


Publishing Date:  November 2018

Publisher: Shadow Alley Press

ASIN:  B07K56G2T9

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 4.5/5

Publisher’s Description: Roark von Graf—former noble and hedge-mage, current mid-level mob in a MMORPG—has his sights set on taking down the tyrannical Dungeon Lord. But the reigning Troll despot is nearly as devious as Roark, and his followers are much higher level.
With forever-death on the line, civil war breaks out in the Citadel, pitting Roark’s new regime against Azibek’s horde of loyalists. To survive, Roark will have to outfox the Dungeon Lord, forge new, dirtier weapons and shady alliances, and above all, Evolve …

Review: It is tough to do a follow up in a series where the first one was really good. You gotta have your shjt mapped out in order to keep the story line interesting and the characters developing at a good pace. Did this dynamic writing duo succeed in delivering a grande follow up? Read on!

Someone at work asked me why my eyes are so red and I said “Really?”. That is what I say to people I don’t want to engage with but in the back of my mind, I am thinking “Fuk, stayed up till 3 am reading again.”. So yeah, you could say that I love this series so much that I am sacrificing health via sleep for enjoyment.

Roark is taking over and changing the game as everyone knows it, so stay tuned for the next in the series while catching up on your sleep.

One thought on “Book Review: Civil War: Rogue Dungeon #2 by J.A. Hunter and E. Hudson

  1. The name Roark will forever remind me of The Fountainhead. Happy you enjoyed it!

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