Book Review: Dawn of the Exile by Mitchell Hogan


Publishing Date: March 2019

Publisher: 47 North


Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 4.6/5

Publisher’s Description: Years have passed since the demon Tarrik and his master, the sorcerer Ren, destroyed the servants of Samal and suppressed the very essence of the vile lord. The cost was greater than even a demon could have imagined. But in the realms of demons and humans, no evil can be fully controlled, and no one’s true fate can be foretold. Including Tarrik’s. He’s been summoned once more, now by the vengeful Linriel, who’s fallen in with one of Samal’s ravaged survivors.

Review: This story continues on the heels of a very good novel that I reviewed awhile ago, “Shadow of the Exile”. Tarrik is once again summoned by a sorcerer with nefarious plans and away we go.

This author is very good at creating intense movement coupled with great character development. When you look forward to every scene and silently root for the characters to prevail, you have a winner. Most sequels suck and rely on a patterned rendition to create a series. Although this continues the story line, the world building whisks you away to an alternate reality.

The only fall downs were minor where scene consistency lacked resolution. For instance; Sekrie is impaled, has her leg broken and twisted but somehow is fit and hale in the next scene. This lack of continuity diminished a very good novel.

Tarrik’s redemption in the form of a new love will have to wait as I assume there will be another in the series.


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