Book Review: Billy Blacksmith: Demon Slayer by Ben Ireland


Publishing Date: January 2019

Publisher: Ireland Ink


Genre: Fantasy/YA

Rating: 2.7/5

Publisher’s Description: Billy has spent his whole life keeping his head down in school and trying to survive the endless parade of foster homes.When a three hundred pound spider emerges from under his bed intent on drinking his blood, Billy discovers he is the main player in an ancient war between demons and humans. With his best friends Ash-Lea and Greyson, and a reformed demon as his ally, Billy prepares to face an invasion of demonic spiders and the General that leads them.

Review: A short read that encompasses all the things YA. Teen angst, demons and giant portal hopping spiders rounds out the story line. I will say that in our current era of “So it is above, as it is below” brand of secularism, it is not surprising to find writers embracing the “Demons are good” rhetoric. This progressive societal branding only diminishes those who embrace it while programming young minds to accept the negative as palatable and normative.

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