Book Review: World Enough (And Time) by Edmund Jorgensen

Publishing Date: April 2018

Publisher: Inkwell and Often

ISBN: 9780984749225

Genre: SciFi

Rating: 3.6/5

Publisher’s Description: Back on Earth, a dying man has just left his fortune to a home for maltreated ferrets. Normally Jeremiah Brown would not begrudge such luckless animals their windfall, but the man was his uncle, and the fortune was supposed to be his inheritance. Furthermore, having already purchased a ticket for a luxury space-cruise “on expectation” of said inheritance, Jeremiah can no longer pay for said ticket. And furthermore still, he is already on said cruise…

Review: This was in the “Read Now” bin so there were low expectations to start  (although, some of my best reads have been from the bin). This is one of those rare gems that delivers and endless stream of entertainment within a variety of story lines. There is a murder mystery, a love story(s), migrant space workers, eccentric oldsters and a uber billionaire recluse that rounds out an interesting cast.

The constant observational wit is entertaining while being creatively poignant.  The story line does drag on a bit with the scenes stretching on too long, coupled with instances looping too often. The mystery is at once humorous and sad which showcases most of the stories abrupt and unexpected turns.

Get it if you like observational wit and solid character development. Don’t- if a story line dragged through the wastes long past its due date, riles your sensibilities.

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