Book Review: David Mogo: Godhunter by Suyi Davies Okungbowa

Publishing Date: July 2019

Publisher: Rebellion


Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 2.3/5

Publisher’s Description: The Gods have fallen to earth, and chaos reigns.Though broken and flooded, Lagos endures. David Mogo, demigod and godhunter, has one task:  capture twin gods and deliver them to the city’s most notorious wizard. No problem…right?

Review: So here’s the deal. I like movement that builds the characters that play in the story line sand box, especially in SciFi/Fantasy novels. Things like; lengthy internal dialogue that covers anything from scene descriptions to backstory tend to halt the movement. This stuttering really lends itself to non-fiction novels. I get that author’s are trying to enrich the pages with humanistic blather but you can only take so much angst ridden, soul searching hero-rhetoric. And boy howdy this has it in spades. Where you expect to jump into the action from a pre-determined point, soon becomes pages and pages of internal dialogue and ruminatory drivel that interest is quickly lost to pervasive narcolepsy.

Although the characters never develop in a way that captures their “being”, they do jump off the page from the get-go. David Mogo is interesting in magical heritage as well as his applied avocation of God Hunter. Papa Udi brings this ancient and caring demeanor that grounds the plot while adding dimension in the form of wizardry. The Gods and Godlings are fairly one dimensional as I guess all Gods are that view humanity as cockroaches.

The plot is not complex at all, and follows the hero fantasy formula where you have reluctant involvement warring with righteousness and God like potentiality. It is not hard to guess what David Mogo will become as it is inferred from the beginning.

While the writing is technically good, the compilation didn’t work for me.

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