Book Review: God of Broken Things by Cameron Johnston

Publishing Date: June 2018

Publisher: Angry Robot

ISBN: 9780857668097

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 4.8/5

Publisher’s Description: An outcast magician must risk his body and mind to save the world from horrifying demons, in the heart-pounding epic fantasy sequel to The Traitor God.

Review: The only downer about this novel is that it ended….or it feels like Edrin, Eva and all the rest of the players have walked into the sunset.

Edrin continues to develop into a more complex (and entertaining) character with Eva and Layla providing supportive positions to Edrin’s development. Layla is still a static player while Eva begins an individual transcendence as Edrin plies her inner sanctity. There is always this hope, that the author plays upon throughout the novel, that somehow, Eva will experience physical wellness in the form of magical transformation. The transformation expected never occurs, only to be replaced by something eminently more viable. This drives the story line in a way that completes the novel so much better than expedient artifice.

I was hoping for a quest or some adventure out of Setharis and you won’t go wanting in that department. The Clanholds saga jumps right off the page starting with Edrin’s creepy Grandma to the war that rages in the valley. A very diverse and compelling array of scenarios unfolds as you ride the rampant beast of movement.

A great escape for the reader, that sadly, ends too soon.

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