Book Review: Sandcastle at Pirates Beach by D.Edward Williams


Publishing Date: June 2019

Publisher: Clovercraft


Genre: Fantasy/YA

Rating: 2.7/5

Publisher’s Description: Exciting adventure awaits two cousins when they accidentally stumble upon a hidden magical Sandcastle! Before either boy can say “Treasure Chest,” they are swept into this new world by a mysterious artifact, shrinking them to the size of local sand crabs! Without giving them any time to understand what has happened, a new foe, with his own magical “Object of Power,” launches a sudden attack. To the boy’s surprise and relief, the door of the Sandcastle swings open just in time, revealing an amazing underground world

Review: A whimsical tale about two cousins thrust into a quest of grand design. Every dire near-death situation is quickly remedied with ol’ deus ex and the plot has so much fore shadowing as to wallow in it.

This was written for the teen crowd and I find that a bit of a stretch. The writing platform is built for those without guile, and teens don’t fit that paradigm. There is little room for YA’s to join in a grande adventure that is stretched thin with obvious plot developments and a narrative that calls to a 5 year-old.

The overall story is fun and highly creative and benefits from the constant movement.  The series continues on, so no culmination for you.

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