Book Review: The Korpes File by J.I. Rogers

Publishing Date: March 2017

Publisher: Books Go Social


Genre: SciFi

Rating: 3.7/4

Publisher’s Description: As if being born Diasporan wasn’t enough, Technician Nash Korpes had the bad luck to resemble his Tyran ancestors almost identically in both form, and manner. These traits, though highly prized by the special projects division at the shadowy Korlune Military Research and Development, mark him as a specter from their warlike past. With only his intellect holding his sanity in place, he wages a private war against the entire socioeconomic status quo and begins to uncover the truth that threatens them all.”

Review: Although written awhile ago, there is very little existing written reviews out there. The author only gives her work 4 stars which is an odd thing to do as self-deprecation may not further interest in others willing to gamble.

The world building is only lacking in visual expression. There is not enough information to create  a  panoramic view. Domes/cities etc. have no relational aspect to other domes as well as the space in which they occupy. I assumed everything that occurred in the novel was taking place on one planet and had to go to the authors website to verify via map. The natural environment is hostile enough to force the populace into domes which does not explain pre-technological development on the planet. Again, I assume that the inhabitants colonized the planet as there is no adaptation to the elements.

The scenes were a bit jumpy at times. You go from a well paced story line into another arena without explanation (lead in) and are left catching up.

Nash is a bit dense for a tech genius and that enables the story line to exist in all it’s phases. The corporate hammer is pervasive and well written which makes up for some character fails.  I think the author sells herself short with this work as it is at once intriguing and captivating.  My only suggestion is that this in need of some intense editing to expand the visual context of this world and tighten up the story line so the scenes mesh better.  A lot of talent here.

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